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Medical treatment in Germany

Medical treatment in Germany is your chance to get rid of a disease once and for all. But how can you choose a clinic, find a doctor and go abroad for treatment? Medigerman will help you find answers to all these questions.


We work with patients from all CIS countries. It does not really matter where you live – be it Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Kiev – you can always feel confident about the speed and quality of our services. With the assistance of our staff, your trip to Germany will be organized the best way possible.



Our advantages


• What makes us different from any other joint Russian-German clinic is that they only offer a treatment for a certain type of diseases. Here hides the main advantage of Medigerman: our partners are leading clinics and best German experts in all fields of medical knowledge. We are not a highly specialized Russian- or Ukrainian- German hospital, but a medical provider. Therefore, it means that by contacting us, you are guaranteed to be treated by the most knowledgeable and experienced doctors who have thoroughly studied all aspects of your disease.


• We deal individually with each patient taking into account all the preferences and wishes. Therefore your whole trip to Germany will go under the best possible conditions. We will take care of all administrative matters, and you will be able to concentrate on your health.


• The cost of treatment is based on hospital price lists. And here there are no “pitfalls.” Total transparency of all calculations and full customer awareness in regard to every step the company takes – these are the core principles for Medigerman.


• If you or your companion decide to explore the local area, or visit one of the European capitals, we will provide a great choice of trips, tourist routs and tours.


Our patients’ feedbacks indicate that reasonable prices and high quality of service will make your trip to Germany not only useful, but also enjoyable. Moreover, the experience and knowledge of German doctors, who, before becoming eligible practitioners, spend 12 years in training, will ensure you fast recovery.