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Urethritis basically means inflammation of urethra. It is extremely common round the globe and occurs in both men and women. Medigerman can help you choose a doctor and a specialized clinic in Germany where you can find the best service to cure urethritis.


Treatment of urethritis is primarily determined by its nature (acute or chronic) and type. Infectious urethritis can be:

• Specific

Provoked by pathogens, such as gonococci, chlamydia, etc.

• Nonspecific

Triggered by opportunistic pathogenic bacteria, such as staphylococci, Escherichia coli, etc.


Delayed treatment may leads to complications. For men it menaces with the development of prostatitis, orchitis, balanoposthitis, etc. All these conditions, in turn, require urologist’s intervention. Urethritis in women is often accompanied by cystitis, disturbance of the normal vaginal microflora and other problems.


There are multiple ways to treat urethritis, and the best strategy can be chosen only after diligent diagnostic examination. In general, the typical urethritis treatment is of conservative nature, meaning it mostly uses antibacterial drugs.


German doctors develop an individual treatment plan for each patient. It is absolutely necessary, because urethritis in men and women has its own specific features. In the case of acute urethritis, the most common procedure is the administration of antibiotics into the urethra through catheter. Urethritis in women requires a gynecological consultation because of the close connection between urinary and reproductive systems.


Outpatient treatment can last up to several weeks depending on the inflammation process development. In case of further complications immunotherapy is strongly recommended. The whole treatment process involves the implementation of regular laboratory and clinical tests, supplemented with a special diet.


Treatment in Germany with Medigerman means new quality of life for our patients!

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