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Chronic infections

Treatment of chronic infections forms a significant part of the German medical practice. To ensure success of such a venture, two components are indispensable: the availability of qualified medical care and the desire of the client. Whereas, in the case of the latter there are usually no problems with eager patients, medical personnel faces extraordinary challenges in search of solutions that may require a lot of time and effort. Medigerman uses every option to find you the best service on the tightest schedule, letting fully concentrate on fighting the disease. Moreover, we work globally: wherever your place of residence is, you can contact us anytime.


Above all, chronic infections require careful diagnosis. Specialized medical facilities in Germany are equipped with the most advanced testing methods and analyses, hi-tech technical devices and unique diagnostic tools.


German medicine implements only modern approaches to the treatment of any infections, including chronic EBV infection, whose therapy is extremely complex and time consuming. Although most cases of contracting Epstein -Barr virus do not require special care, its degeneration into the chronic characterized by frequent relapses has dire consequences. This disease is successfully treated in Germany with a specific reference to its type and nature:


• going by the type of chronic infectious mononucleosis;

• generalized causing damage to the CNS, kidneys, myocardium, etc.;

• EBV-associated hemophagocytic syndrome;

• atypical or erased forms.


Chronic EBV infection involves envisages treatment with:

• α- interferon drugs and other anti-viral medications;

• intravenous immunoglobulin;

• hormones, cytostatics;

• bone marrow transplantation.


Apart from it, a range of other infections can also be efficiently cured in Germany, including viral, fungal, and bacterial diseases. All therapy methods are thoroughly tested and stem from the principles of the evidence-based medicine.


Treatment can be initiated only after a careful selection of drugs and their dosage. Individual tolerance test are also a must.


Medigerman is your guide in the world of health and longevity!

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