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Vitiligo / Acquired leukoderma

Vitiligo aka acquired leukoderma is a skin pigmentation disorder, which manifests itself through the disappearance of melanin in some parts of the skin. Melanin, in turn, is a natural pigment that gives skin its colour. Western medical community feels ambiguous about this pathology. On the one hand, this disorder neither inflicts pain or suffering nor does any harm to the body. On the other hand, all doctors treating vitiligo agree that their patients experience significant psychological discomfort associated with the cosmetic defects caused by this disease.




German dermatologists pay this disease their utmost attention. This is due to the fact that vitiligo usually appears on the skin as a result of neuroendocrine, neurotrophic and autoimmune disorders, exposure to chemicals and drugs, as well as a consequence of necrotic and inflammatory skin damages. In general, it means that vitiligo is a sign of an internal disorder. TO make things even worse, susceptibility to vitiligo can be inherited.


Such a complex nature of vitiligo has led to the situation when all institutions in Germany specializing in this disease have a medical team comprised of many diverse specialists. Only a comprehensive cross-consultative approach and treatment of concomitant pathologies promise the cure for acquired leukoderma.


Medigerman cooperates only with the best specialized clinics in Germany. We organise integrated treatments courses for our patients from Moscow, Kiev and other CIS cities allowing you to take full advantage of German medicine. You can meet with the leading dermatologists in Germany, who will make you forever forget about the white spots problem.


What kind of vitiligo treatment brings the best results?


Apart from the diagnosis and treatment of concomitant diseases, German physicians also apply specific techniques geared specifically to the restoration of the normal skin pigmentation.


• Primarily this includes the use of drugs that increase the skin’s sensitivity to UV radiation. An individual course of UV irradiation follows the patient’s skin has become fully saturated with such substances.


• In addition, all dermatology centres in Germany is equipped with high-tech laser technology that allows selective phototherapy of affected areas. Statistical data shows that in this case 88% of patients achieved total skin repigmentation.


• Another way to treat acquired leukoderma involves the use herbal medications containing furanocoumarins, which are responsible for melanocytes activation.

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