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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition that currently cannot be cured completely. Almost 300 million people worldwide fall victim to this disease. As a result diabetes treatment abroad receives extraordinary attention, and German medicine sets the standard in international medical practice.


Only experienced and reputable experts are qualified to treat diabetes in Germany. This provides an individual approach to each patient, regardless of his/her origin, background or residence. Medigerman guarantees you the best choice of the medical facility and staff.


Diabetes is extremely dangerous due to its complications. Without proper treatment degenerative processes instigated by the disease damage all vital organs and body systems.


Symptoms and treatment


The early stages of diabetes development are clinically asymptomatic: at most, the patient may suffer from increased thirst and frequent urination. Such symptoms, accompanied by weight loss, the presence of acetone in the urine and insatiable hunger are characteristic for type I diabetes. In all instances the main feature of diabetes is an increased glucose level in the blood.


There was a tradition in the past century to hand in official medals “For Victory over diabetes”. They were equally distributed among patients who lived more than 50 years after diagnosis. The medal requirements contain five basic pillars of treatment:

• exercise;

• diet;

• insulin,

• self-control;

• training.


These principles lay basis to all  therapeutic techniques utilized in the best German clinics.




Pharmacotherapy in cases of diabetes involves the administration of insulin and its analogues, plus sugar-level lowering drugs.


Insulin pumps are especially popular among type I diabetes patients. These pumps automatically determine blood sugar levels and subsequently inject a calculated dose of insulin.


Other therapy methods include:

• individual diet and an exercise plan;

• phytoplankton and physical therapy;

• immunotherapy;

• stem cell therapy;

• extracorporeal haemocorrection;

• surgery.


A treatment course in a German hospital means combating not only disease itself but also its pathological effects:

• obesity;

• hypertension;

• “diabetic foot syndrome”, etc.


Adequate and timely treatment of diabetes can prevent this disease from further development. In many cases the latest techniques and technical innovations make it possible to halt the progress of the disease for a long period of time.


Medical treatment with Medigerman means your chance for the confident future and prosperous life!

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