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Benign tumors are neoplastic diseases that, if timely treated, do not comprise a serious life threat. Nevertheless, they are especially well-studied. This is due to the fact that many types of benign tumors can mutate, becoming malignant. It refers mostly to the tumors of skin, colon, and breast. Therefore, modern medicine views complete removal as the most effective and safe treatment of these neoplasms.


Treatment and diagnostics methods


In German hospitals patients with benign tumors fall under special medical supervision. This allows doctors to start radical treatment right on the onset of the first suspicious symptoms in order to avoid tumor mutation. For example, benign skin tumors may suddenly start growing. This is a direct indication for their removal. The same goes for benign breast tumors. If a woman feels increasing induration in the breast area and medical tests prove this condition, such a patient receives an immediate surgery.


Magnetic resonance and digital tomography with contrast serve to diagnose benign liver tumors and other neoplasms. If necessary, a puncture of the tumor as well as its histological examination are made to clarify the diagnosis.


Treatment techniques


A tumor’s location and severity determine treatment methods for every individual case. If the location of a benign tumor makes it easy to remove, then a surgery would be preferable as it eliminates any risk of tumor degeneration. In cases of liver or breast neoplasms, the patient is usually put under special medical care, which encompasses regular examinations and administration of relevant medications.


Removal of benign tumors


Other micro-surgical treatment methods with minimal damage cryoablation, laser excision, radiolancet etc. Benign tumors risking degeneration and found in internal organs are removed by endoscopy.


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