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Retinal diseases

Retinal diseases can lead to irreversible loss of vision. So the sooner the treatment starts, the greater is the chance of full recovery. German ophthalmology sets a European golden standard in regard to both medical equipment and professional expertise.


Retinal diseases and their treatment in the elderly get special attention in the practice of ophthalmology. This refers to the treatment of age- related macular degeneration, lesions of the vitreous, choroid. Appropriate therapy can slow the progressive vision decline by using intraocular injection of modern drugs or laser coagulation.


German doctors will also select the most effective treatment for hereditary retinal diseases. They work according to the latest world techniques and practices, introducing them into their daily activities right after these techniques complete all necessary tests and trials. This scheme gives an opportunity to achieve stunning results and give patients the capability to see and live their life to the fullest!


It does not matter where you reside: be it Moscow, Kiev, or St. Petersburg – with Medigerman you will have access to all levels of medical care in Germany. To rid yourself from tiresome procedures of the search for a reliable clinic, obtaining visas and organizing the trip, you can entrust it all with us. Medigermen gives an absolute quality guarantee of all services that will be provided by the clinic of your choice.


Retina detachment is a dangerous disease that, if left untreated, can lead to total blindness. It occurs due to trauma, inflammatory processes, complications of diabetes or excessive growth of new blood vessels.


Treatment of retinal detachment involves the use of:

• the finest laser and peripheral coagulation;

• drugs that are injected into the vitreous ;

• removal of the vitreous and its replacement with a biologically neutral implant;

• transplantation of an artificial intact retina.


In case of diabetic retinal lesion, or retinopathy, treatment can be successful in the early stages of the disease .


Treatment of retinal detachment and its effectiveness is monitored at all stages with the help of new ophthalmic technology:

• high-resolution biomicroscope;

• optical and retinal tomography;

• eye angiography, including identifying the degree of lens clouding, newly formed blood vessels and haemorrhages.


In case of retinal detachment you have no time to lose. Medigerman will always meet your needs if you want to arrange an urgent treatment in Germany. After all, the most valuable thing in life is to see the world in bright colours. Do not deprive yourself of this, turn to German doc.

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