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Male infertility

It is widely believed that male infertility does not exist. However, as appealing as it may be it is a misconception: in half of all cases the couple cannot become parents because of the male’s problems.




The guarantee of success in the field of male infertility treatment is the knowledge of and ability to identify its causes. Male infertility is usually associated with an anomaly in sperm production or structure. Consequently, it can impede conception either through making sperm unviable or unable to fertilize the egg. More rare cases refer to testicles hypoplasia, impaired ejaculation, etc. Unfortunately, all these condition may affect a man at any age, and the sooner they are identified, the better the chance for a natural conception to occur.


Male reproductive system diagnostics includes:

• spermogram;

• examination of endocrine organs (hypothalamus, pituitary) and their functionality: hormonal profile, radiography;

• Ultrasound of the testicles;

IDA study (immunogram);

• testicular biopsy.


Do you reside in Kiev or Moscow? For us it poses no problems at all, because we cooperate with all CIS countries. A journey to a different state – be it for diagnostics or medical treatment – is always engulfed in stress. But you can be sure to count on us, as we will take care of all administrative details to guarantee your comfortable trip and a stress-free stay in Germany, translation services, and a safe return.


You have the opportunity to choose any male infertility clinic from the list of our partner institutions. Additionally, as a medical provide, Medigerman can significantly lower all your treatment costs in comparison to the ones that you’d have to pay in the case of individual application.


All causes of male infertility can be roughly divided into the absolute (usually congenital) and relative ones. Relative causes require conservative medicinal treatment using the latest drugs and physiotherapy. Whereas absolute factors require innovative therapy approaches.


Even in cases of absolute infertility the hope is still there. Cutting edge technology and pharmacological novelties can return you the happiness of becoming a father. German clinics are constantly implementing the most advanced techniques to make it possible. These include:

• Uterine insemination with live sperm;

• IBM (testicular biopsy with the release of sperm and putting it into the uterus);

• antibiotic, immune and hormonal therapy.


Male infertility diagnostics defined more precisely through laboratory tests gives excellent results. This is evidenced by happy men who have already undergone their treatment in Germany and are now enjoying fatherhood.


Male infertility treatment has reached new heights in Germany due to the national traits of integrity, scrupulousness and ingenuity. It’s not magic – it’s science, which gives you the opportunity to conceive a new life!

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