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Glaucoma refers to a group of eye diseases that share similar clinical features: periodic or continuous rise in intraocular pressure, blurred vision, development of visual field defects and optic nerve atrophy. This pathology is quite widespread, especially among the elderly. This is why, due to extensive practical experience of German ophthalmologists, the quality of glaucoma treatment in this country shows excellent results.


Glaucoma: symptoms and treatment


Accurate diagnosis of glaucoma is an undeniable basis for an effective treatment strategy. Some diagnostic methods include:

• tonometry, or intraocular pressure measurement;

• perimetry, or definition of the boundaries of the visual field;

• fundus examination.


The main manifestation of glaucoma is progressive blindness. Unfortunately, even the most modern treatment cannot revoke the symptoms of the disease. Nevertheless, balanced therapy regimens allow slowing or, in many cases, completely stopping the optic nerve damage and vision impairment. This is achieved primarily through the normalization of intraocular pressure.


Treatment of glaucoma includes three main types of procedures:

• Use of eye drops;

• laser therapy;

• surgical treatment.


Drug therapy of glaucoma serves three main purposes:

• ophthalmohypotensive therapy aimed at reducing intraocular pressure;

• improvement of blood circulation to the optic nerve of the intraocular and inner membranes of the eye;

• normalization of the metabolic processes in the tissues of the visual analyzer to stop the degenerative processes characteristic of glaucoma.


Laser surgery


The aim of a laser surgery in the case of glaucoma is to eliminate all obstacles to the normal outflow of the internal fluid of the eye. It helps in stabilizing intraocular pressure. German ophthalmologists practise such interventions as laser iridectomy and selective laser trabeculoplasty.


Surgical treatment of glaucoma is only recommended if all other conservative therapy methods are ineffective. Microsurgical operations on the visual analyzer include:

• trabeculectomy;

• shallow sclerectomy;

• iridectomy;

• iridocycloretraction;

• cyclocryocautery;

• less traumatic noninvasive viscocanalostomy;

• removal of the lens with an artificial intraocular lens implantation.


Medigerman gives you the opportunity to undergo a treatment for glaucoma in leading German hospitals. With our help, you will receive a consultation from the best German ophthalmologists, and the prices will not differ much from the ones in local clinics in Kiev or Moscow.



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