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Liver cancer

In Germany liver cancer treatment programs entail careful preliminary examination of the exact and size of the tumor. Depending on the results oncologists choose the most effective treatment tactics.


Patients’ reviews suggest that well-equipped German clinics allow for the most precise diagnosis of liver cancer. The diagnostic methods of choice would usually include positron emission tomography, magnetic resonance and digital tomography, ultrasound examination as well as biopsy with the subsequent histological tissue analysis.


The most effective treatment for liver cancer is considered to be surgery. It might result into the removal of parts of the liver or one of its halves. In addition, liver transplantations are quite common. Part of a donor liver is transplanted into the recipient. Due to the high regenerative capacity of the liver tissue, the transplant can afterwards grow back to compensate up to 85% of the original mass. During the period of growth, liver functionality is maintained by artificially with the help of an “artificial liver” technology.



Other cancer treatment methods include radiosurgery, selective internal irradiation (SIRT), stereotactic radiotherapy (SBRT), proton therapy, thermal ablation, cryosurgery, trans-catheter tumor embolization, etc.


Medigerman will give you access to all the treatment opportunities available in leading German clinics. With us you also get a significant price reduction due to our long-standing partnerships and reputation among with the hospitals.


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