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Pacemakers are devices that can affect heart rhythm. Their main task is the maintenance of the heart rate. In Western medical practice pacemaker implantation has long become a routine procedure. But, nevertheless, the devices themselves and their implantation methods are constantly evolving.


Medigerman gives an opportunity to get an implant in a German clinic to all residents of Kiev, Moscow and other CIS cities. Our ex-patients’ positive feedbacks provide the best evidence professional expertise and experience of German doctors. Besides, surgery cost do not differ from their domestic counterparts.


Indications for a pacemaker implantation


This list includes all the diseases associated with irregular heart rate. The most common indication for pacemaker implantation are:

• cardiac arrhythmia of various origins;

• atrioventricular block;

• sick sinus syndrome.


What is a pacemaker and how does it work?


Sealed metal casing accommodates the battery and a microprocessor. Pacemakers fix the patient’s own heart rhythm and begin to generate impulses, only if there is a heart rate irregularity or a prolonged pause in heart beating.


The implantation of a pacemaker may involve the use of instruments with a function of frequency adaptation. Special sensor detects the intensity of the patient’s physical activity and changes in the ECG parameters. In cases of an increased load on the heart function or rate irregularities, a pacemaker would regulate the impulse rate adapting it o the needs of the patient at the moment.


In addition, modern German pacemakers are able to gather and store data on the activity of the heart. This helps doctors to prescribe the most appropriate course of treatment and to select individual impulse parameters


How is the surgery performed?


Installing a permanent pacemaker in German hospitals is aided by a fluoroscopy with high resolution. Thus, these procedures employ only local anesthesia. The surgery is run in stages:


• skin incision and access to a subdermic hand vein;

• inserting electrodes and guiding them through the vein into the cardiac chambers with the help of an the X-ray unit;

• checking basic parameters, such as the stimulation threshold, sensitivity, etc.;

• electrodes fixation;

• a bed creation for a pacemakers in the subcutaneous fat layer of the chest;

• connecting it to the electrodes and closing the wound.

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