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Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a congenital pathology that originates at the prenatal stage of development. This disease is manifested by severe movement disorders, which are caused by lesions of various brain structures.


Cerebral palsy treatment is one of the most rapidly developing fields of medical research in Germany. National government and the European Union provide substantial annual grants for the development and testing of new therapy methods. German doctors primarily strive to fully develop the children’s communicative abilities, as well as their other skills. In practice this means that a child undergoes intense socialization.


In cooperation with all leading clinics in Germany Medigerman will find you the best experts with vast practical experience in the field. They in turn will utilize only those methods that are best suited for your individual case.


Treatment of children with cerebral palsy in Germany ensues a comprehensive approach. It includes such techniques as:


• massages;

• physiotherapy;

• use of load- and pneumatic suits;

• training sessions with a speech therapist , etc.


In case of medical expediency pharmacological therapy and even surgery, such as tendon plasty, arthrodesis, corrective osteotomy, or contracture resection, may also form part of a treatment plan. Neurosurgical techniques such as epidural spinal cord neurostimulation, subcortical brain surgery or s implantation of a baclofen pump might also be included.

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