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Cancer treatment in Germany will give you the best chances to overcome this dangerous disease. German doctors and hospitals warrant professional treatment and an attentive, friendly attitude to each patient.


Diagnosing cancer is the first and most important stage of the whole therapeutic process. In order to choose an appropriate treatment, one first needs to accurately determine the tumors’ location and size, to identify the presence of metastases in the surrounding organs, tissues and lymph nodes.


To provide a more accurate diagnosis German doctors utilize a MRIS. This method shows localization and extent of the pathological process with the maximum reliability and informative value. Usually a biopsy of the affected organ or tissue is additionally run for final diagnosis followed by a microscopic analysis.


Cancer treatment in Germany includes all modern methods to fight cancer tumors. Namely, doctors make use of the latest chemotherapy that produces minimal side effects. In German clinics radiotherapy is done with the maximum focus so as to avoid or minimize the exposure of adjacent organs.


If there are still indications for a surgical removal of a tumor, doctors would always prefer endoscopic surgery, which is unlikely to damage internal environment. Furthermore, “gamma knife” is widely employed for cancer treatment. It is a hi-tech instrument for precise destruction of tumor cells without concomitant impact on adjacent tissues.


Patients’ reviews of those who have already received treatment in German hospitals indicate high effectiveness of the therapy even in cases when pathological developments of the tumor had already reached an advanced stage. Medigerman guarantees you the best living conditions in specialized clinics and consultations with the leading oncologists. The treatment prices in Germany are comparable to the cost of treatment in local hospitals.

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