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Endometriosis treatment in Germany is the surest way to cure this dangerous disease and avoid its possible complications (infertility). Qualified medical assistance stems from the most advanced equipment and the highest professional level of German doctors. This allows you to overcome uterus endometriosis even in those cases when domestic medicine renders itself ineffective.


That is why more and more CIS residents are turning to German clinics. Medigerman has already helped many women regain their health.


What is endometriosis?


Due to hormonal disorders in menstruating women mucosal cells of the uterus may appear in uncharacteristic places (in the uterine wall, on the ovaries, etc.). This is in fact endometriosis, which demands comprehensive and timely treatment.




Endometriosis treatment should only be designed and administrated after a professional diagnosis. In German hospitals necessarily diagnostic procedures include:


• determining blood levels of tumor marker CA-125;

• pelvic ultrasound ;

• MRI;

• extended colposcopy, which helps in establishing a diagnosis; in cases of cervical endometriosis, its treatment can be done during the diagnostic procedure;

• hysteroscopic examination of the uterus using a special optical system;

• laparoscopy, which can be carried out if extragenital endometriosis is suspected; its symptoms and treatment are different from those of uterine endometriosis. Laparoscopic surgery warrants the removal of endometriotic ovarian cysts, elimination of pathological lesions on the intestines, omentum, etc.




German clinics combine multiple therapeutic schemes resulting in increased treatment effectiveness for endometriosis types. It acts on two fronts not only eliminating the symptoms of the disease, but also completely normalizing hormonal levels in women.


Treatment of cervical endometriosis can be surgical if drug therapy is ineffective. Surgeries are also necessary for the purposes of cyst removal. Our previous patients’ reviews are quite similar. Thanks to proper diagnosis and integrated treatment, the success rate has reached 100 % of cases.


With our support, endometriosis treatment in Germany will not only provide you a full recovery, but it will also make the process more comfortable and enjoyable.

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