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Esophagus treatment

Gastrointestinal diseases are common in Europe. Therefore, treatment and prevention of esophagus and stomach disorders is in focus for German experts. Thus therapy research, innovation and practical approbation of their results have become part of a medical routine in this field.


Esophagus treatment


An effective therapeutic strategy can only stem from an accurate diagnosis. Diagnostic techniques in the domain of esophagus treatment involve the use of fiber optic sensors. They allow a doctor to directly assess the area, evaluate the stage and severity of the pathological process. Furthermore, this methods provides for a parallel biopsy of the affected tissues. Further laboratory study of the samples guarantees precise diagnosis.


Technically advanced equipment is commonly used to aid the treatment process: esophagoplasty with intestinal grafts, stenting for recanalization, endoscopic overlay of esophagogastric anastomoses, bottled dilatation, etc.


Stomach treatment


Diagnostics is no less important in the case of stomach diseases. Here, a widespread acceptance is awarded to gastric fibroendoscopy with the possibility of taking a puncture. Furthermore, treatment of gastric disorders in Germany is adjusted in regard to ultrasound data and modern laboratory analyses.


Professional knowledge of German doctors can effectively cope with almost any pathology of the stomach. Even in most difficult situations, such as in cases of malignant tumors, German medicine offers effective remedies. For example, gastric cancer treatment may assume a completely non-surgical approach. It includes individual chemotherapeutic regimens using newest drugs, as well as a focused irradiation therapy.


But, nevertheless, the most effective treatment for stomach cancer is still considered to be surgical intervention. Depending on the stage of tumor development different surgeries may apply. For example, if the tumor is detected at an early stage, micro-traumatic endoscopic method or endoluminal laser ablation would come to aid. When total or partial removal of the stomach is preferable, laparoscopy would likely be performed to minimize the surgical interference with the patient’s body.


Today, therapy and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders in Germany are available for our compatriots in Kiev, Moscow and other CIS cities. With Medigreman you will be treated in the best specialized clinics, guided and supervised by leading German specialists.

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