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Maternity care

The birth of the baby is the most responsible, happy, but also exciting period in the life of the couple. If you want the delivery itself and post-natal obstetric care meet the highest standards coupled with the service of polite and highly qualified medical staff, then pay attention to German medicine, reviews of which are always accompanied by “the best” epithet.


Obstetrics in Germany will give you the feeling of security and comfort that will help you overcome the fear and anxiety. After all, the psychological comfort of the mother is a key to successful delivery.


Obstetrics in Germany: the main advantages


Modern equipment in the maternity unit, which allows to observe the state of the mother and child during childbirth and to respond quickly to any changes.

• Constant assistance of the obstetrician.

• The right to choose a comfortable position for birth (water birth, vertical birth).

• Pain relief of childbirth at the request of the patient: from effective physiotherapy to epidural anaesthesia.

• The option to have the father or other close relatives present during birth.

• Comfortable post-delivery wards, where there is everything you need for a newborn (wipes, diapers) and the mother (hygiene articles).


Obstetric service in Germany is also characterized by extensive experience in the conduct of labor for women with severe extragenital diseases. Here, even women with heart diseases, diabetes, or with only one kidney can experience the joy of motherhood. Besides, large clinics in Moscow and Kiev are more than reluctant to take such patients.


German obstetrics retain leading positions in nursing infants with extremely low body mass. Not only do these children survive, but they also do not differ from their peers in the future.


Organization of a hospital stay in Germany for obstetric purposes must be carried out by professionals. You do not know what clinic specializes in women with hypertension, and where is the safest place to give birth to triplets. Conversely, our company has reliable information about all German maternity homes, their level and opportunities. Let Medigerman help you and we guarantee the best results!


Medigerman: let your childbirth be easy!


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