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Translation services

Many people, while wanting to get a treatment in Germany, have fears over the language barrier. In fact, it is partially justified: if you do not speak German, specific medical terminology will seem close to incomprehensible. Therefore, Medigerman offers translation and interpretation services ridding you of the problem.


Our employee will accompany you everywhere you deem necessary. The German language will not be a nuance in any situation, be it talking to your attending doctor, having a consultation with a specific expert or discussing domestic issues. Certified translators will always be by your side, which warrants clear understanding of all information coming from our German speaking partners.


Apart from oral translation, our services also include handling your documentation and written translation. Certified translators will work with your papers both ways, providing German as well as Russian translations. This in turn ensures that the entire treatment process will be transparent and understandable.


An interpreter will meet you at the airport in Germany. But we will gladly provide any type of a written translation if it is necessary for preparing your medical records.



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