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Sharp pains while urinating? Tortures of prostate adenoma? Frequent episodes of pyelonephritis? If you suffer from any of these or similar conditions, German urology clinics will come to your rescue. Experienced surgeons, urologists, painless surgeries and the best European equipment will all help you get rid of the diseases or at least turn them asymptomatic.


Travelling abroad is always troublesome, but if you have chosen to receive treatment in Germany, Medigerman will take over all your worries and concerns. As a medical provider, our company only works with the best German clinics and experts. Therefore, you will not have to wait on the list for an appointment and all the necessary documents will be prepared on a tight timetable.


So, what does it mean to be treated in Germany?


Regardless of whether you have already undergone examination in your native country, German urology clinics may administer their own, highly accurate diagnostic tests:

• ultrasound;

• MRI or PET;

• functional tests;

• biochemical blood tests and tumour markers.


Urology in Germany should not be reduced to surgical correction of urinary system disorders. There are also practicing experts specializing in neuroendocrine and vertebral (spinal pathology and its impact on urological diseases) diseases.


In the instances of urologic disorders it is exceptionally important to start treatment at an early age, because the transition into chronic form is quite frequent. To meet this need, Medigerman can find the best paediatric urology clinic for your child. Apart from this, urinary system diseases are closely associated with sexual disorders. Therefore, urology practices are intimately intertwined with urogynaecological and andrological (male urologic) treatment.


German medical institutions also offer some of the most effective onco-urological therapy techniques. These mostly imply surgical interventions under the strict rule of less interference with maximum preservation of viable organ tissues. It is, in turn, achieved by using:

• gamma-knife surgery;

• laser excision;

• cryoablation by high-frequency electric currents;

• hormonal therapy;

• creation and implantation of artificial organs and their parts.


All these procedures are then finalized with a chemotherapeutic or radiation therapy. The kind of exposure is solely determined by tumour sensitivity, and the most effective type is always preferred.


In any case, early treatment is the best option. So, do not waste your precious time and contact us right now! Treatment in Germany give you a real chance to live a happy and healthy life!

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