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Prostate function disorders

Prostate pathologies are quite common among men over 45. They cause considerable discomfort: next to the difficult and painful urination, sex life problems often tag along.


Most often prostate pathology evolves as adenoma, benign hyperplasia of prostatic structure. Malignant tissue degeneration is also a common occurrence.


Typical symptoms of prostatic adenoma are:

• urinary retention and tenesmus;

• urethralgia;

• feeling of incomplete urinary bladder emptying;

• urine turbidity and redness (both are typical for prostate cancer);

• dull pelvic pain.


Medicinal treatment for prostatic adenoma is only effective at the beginning of the disease. In all other cases, it is preferable to resort to surgery. Nowadays, German clinics utilize a large range of methods and techniques, so each patient can receive the most appropriate individually prescribed therapy.


Medigerman provides you with the complete technical support for medical treatment in Germany. German urology knows no equals in the world. We offer you diagnostics and treatment in the hands of the best specialists in the field, even if you live in Russia or Ukraine.


German clinics are fully equipped with facilities and devices for prostate function disorder examination. They include:

• digital examination and prostate ultrasound;

• onco-markers (total and bound PSA) identification;

• MRI;

• prostate biopsy with cytology and histology.


Prostate tumor treatment in Germany implies minimally invasive organ-preserving surgeries, which do not lead to disability and allow you to quickly restore the functioning of the prostate and normal urination.


Another surgery option includes laser technology that removes compressing tissues with the maximum preservation of the healthy surroundings. This operation decreases the likelihood of recurrence to less than 1 %, thus, rendering subsequently intervention virtually unnecessary. Additionally, only a day later the patient can be discharged from the hospital.


Prostate cancer requires the following treatment:

• prostatectomy;

• local (affects malignant cells only) radioactive and irradiation therapy;

• thermal sonication.


Likewise, German urologists can pharmacologically reduce active tumor growth or completely destroy it by freezing. Surgical and urological centers in Germany can rid you of any benign and malignant prostate diseases.


Medigerman applies all its energy so that you can choose the best clinic for yourself and your family, and feel infinite care and attention during the whole period of treatment.

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