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Adrenal diseases

Neoplasms are the most common diseases of the adrenal glands. In many cases these can be benign tumors aka adrenal adenomas that are easily cured with timely treatment. However, malignant tumors also occur frequently, and they, in turn, pose too much a danger to be considered easy to handle.


Symptoms and treatment


Some of the symptoms may appear as:

• increased blood pressure that cannot be reduced by conventional antihypertensive drugs;

• general and muscle weakness, immune deficiency, irritability;

• rapid weight gain, skin darkening, etc.


The following procedures can be performed in order to confirm pathology in adrenal glands, to eliminate its symptoms and prescribe effective treatment:

• hormonal activity assessment of the tumor that consists of urine and blood tests to identify the level of adrenal hormones;

• adrenal ultrasound, MRI and PET;

• biopsy under visual control, when needed.


Hospital stay and clinical services


German clinics and their skilled employees warrant the highest chance of recovery and life quality. Medigerman provides you with a full range of services including the choice of the hospital and medical experts, arrangement of comfortable accommodation and effective treatment as well as visa support. It cooperates with well-established hospitals and specialized clinics, sparing its clients from unreasonable financial expenses and incomplete information regarding treatment and rehabilitation.


Adrenal adenoma: surgical treatment


German clinics boast extensive experience and advanced technology that allow effectively treat any disease of the adrenal glands, including acute and chronic insufficiency.


If surgery is unavoidable, minimally invasive (traumatic) methods are usually preferred. These come in form of endoscopic procedures that allow only a few days of rehabilitation before a patient can be discharged to ambulatory treatment.


In cases when surgical intervention is unnecessary, German physicians opt for the most effective and safe hormonal therapy – administration of drugs that reduce blood pressure and other symptoms.


Medigerman provides an access to professional medical care, consultation and diagnosis for all residents of Moscow, Kiev and other CIS cities.


Comfortable treatment in Germany without skyrocketing prices? It is reality with Medigerman!


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