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The number of CIS citizens seeking medical treatment in Germany is constantly growing. The reason for this is not only modern diagnostic facilities and innovative therapy methods, but also the highest quality professional expertise of German physicians. Moreover, positive feedbacks and reports on total deliverance from this disease only further increase the interest in medical institutions in Germany.


All of the above is also true for the cases of eczema. If you have a similar problem Medigerman is always at your service. Our professional staff will select the most appropriate options for eczema treatment in Germany.


Eczema: Types and Symptoms


So, what is eczema, what are its causes and treatment?

Eczema is a sort of allergic skin inflammation, which has its own special features. Eczema has various manifestations:

• true eczema, which can occur at any age usually starting with the acute phase further translating into chronicity;

• professional eczema provoked by the impact of industrial irritants;

• seborrheic dermatitis, which occurs only in the presence of yeasts and staphylococci;

• infant eczema, dyshidrotic, microbial, etc.


Eczema can develop under the following favourable conditions:

• emotional stress;

• hyperthyroidism;

• diabetes;

• some gastrointestinal tract diseases;

• genetic predisposition, etc.




1) Clinical implications of acute eczema appear as bubbles, pronounced redness and itching. This provokes the development of weeping eczema which is successfully treated in Germany.


2) Chronic eczema is characterized by skin thickening and dryness in conjunction with redness, scaling, itching, and cracking. Dry eczema is more common in older people and requires preliminary diagnosis.




Eczema therapy in Germany employs an integrated approach and the development of individual programs with regard to the type and form of the disease. Thus, acute weeping eczema implies the treatment with water- or water-oil-based medicines. Dry eczema therapy, which is often part of the chronic form of the disease, involves the use of fat-based ointments. Additionally, a therapy course may include anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, keratolytic and some other drugs.


Alternative physiotherapy techniques, such as ozone therapy, laser treatment and others have been recently gaining more popularity in Germany. At the end of treatment the patient receives detailed recommendations for the prevention of eczema relapses.


Thanks to Medigerman, the most advanced technology in the field of eczema treatment is now available to you!


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