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Paediatric endocrinology

Paediatric endocrinology and diabetology are crucial for modern medicine. World Health Organization claims that diabetes has reached the scale of a pandemia with a steady upward tendency observed in developed countries. This is why endocrine pathologies, in particular diabetes mellitus in children attracts most attention from German medical experts.


In practice this attention translates into the constantly improving treatment methods for these diseases, new research tasks and opportunities, and quickly evolving medical practice that draws on the innovations. Therefore, any paediatric endocrinology clinic in Germany has all the cutting edge technology for the relevant diagnostics and treatment.


With the help of Medigerman our young compatriots can now get a chance to receive the best treatment for endocrinal disorders in Germany. Only Medigerman can boast multiple partnerships with the leading specialized hospital, so our patients can enjoy the most specific expertise for handling their individual situation.


Any treatment course in German hospitals begins with a clear diagnosis. In turn, to enhance its accuracy, most advance and refined diagnostic technology is part of technical infrastructure in all child endocrinology hospital departments and specialized clinics. For example, among the most common diagnostic procedures are: three-dimensional ultrasound examination with functional sampling, magnetic resonance imaging, laboratory studies, including genotyping to identify HLA- compatibility.


Paediatric endocrinology and diabetology in Germany involves the use of tools and regimens that allow for the reduced impact on the child’s body. Only a brief list of them would undoubtedly include hypoglycemic agents of the last generation, long-acting insulin, individually designed diets with low carbohydrates intake, and many others. Such a spectrum of therapeutic option has none of paediatric endocrinology clinics in either Kiev or Moscow.

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