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Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence in women should not be reduced to an aesthetic problem, as it also poses serious health risks that need professional treatment. In this context, German urological centres help you find an appropriate cure. The most modern incontinence treatment methods are available for all stages of the disease: they eliminate anatomical defects of the bladder and urethra, correct muscles and ligaments changes of the pelvic floor caused by age-related reasons or obtained through injuries and inflammatory processes.


If you suffer from incontinence, it is a good idea to undergo urological treatment in one of the world-famous medical centres. Medigerman can help you make an appointment to see the most skilled German urologists. Additionally, country borders will not worry you anymore, as with us patients from Kiev, Moscow or any other CIS city can count on a quick solution to all organizational issues and on a positive outcome for the negotiations with your chosen clinic.




Incontinence treatment includes both conservative and surgical modes. Any of the procedures can be assigned only after a complete diagnosis. As a result, the chosen therapy can deliver you from the discomfort while coughing, laughing, straining abdominal muscles, as well as from the problem of bad breath and sexual disorders.


Urinary incontinence in women can be eliminated by means of medications. Medicinal treatment primarily focuses on toning urethra and bladder sphincter. To this end, it utilizes hormonal therapy and special exercises that strengthen perineum muscles.


In some cases, however, conservative treatment can be inefficient. Thus, when surgery is the only option, micro-surgeries leaving minimal scars are preferable as they lead to quick post-operational pelvic organs restoration. Such micro-surgeries include:

• sling surgery: biologically neutral loops are used to return bladder neck or urethra into their normal anatomical position ;

• bandage support for relaxed ligaments and muscles;

• narrowing of the urethra using ball-implants;

• transplantation of the artificial bladder sphincter, etc.


Any specific episode of urinary incontinence can be successfully treated in Germany. To help you learn it from your own experience, Medigerman provide all assistance in gaining access to skilled personnel, detailed medical advice and simplified entry into the country. With German urologists you can be sure to be in safe hands. The only thing left to do is to let us arrange the best possible treatment!

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