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Allergology and dermatology

Man sneezingThe causes for skin diseases, affecting almost everyone to some extent, are very diverse. Most often these pathologies reflect the body’s internal problems, including nervous and endocrine system disorders. Therefore, diagnostics of the possible allergy causes is no less important to German allergology and dermatology than treatment itself.


Classic treatment methods and innovative technology plus reasonable prises explain the growing popularity of German medicine. With Medigerman any specialized allergy clinic in Germany will be available to our patients, regardless of their place of residence. Moscow or St. Petersburg, Kiev or Kharkov – our clients can always count on the efficient and high quality service.


Additionally, for our younger patients we only have the best treatment options and excellent accommodation found in German centres for paediatric dermatology and allergology.


Many disorders of allergic nature, as well as concomitant skin diseases create for their owner a number of life inconviniences, can degenerate into chronic forms or even pose a serious life threat. Thus, all centres of dermatology and allergology focus on the treatment of:

• allergic and pseudoallergic diseases (food allergies, photodermatosis, etc.);

• autoimmune diseases;

• benign and malignant tumors of the face and body;

• neurodermatitis , psoriasis, eczema, etc.


Therapy effectiveness for these diseases is highly dependant on the availability of modern laboratory equipment. Therefore, every allergy clinic Germany has excellent technical facilities.


Relevant diagnostic methods include:

• identification of immunoglobulin levels in the blood, skin and physical tests, etc.;

• identification of clinical and chemical parameters;

• light diagnostics;

• identification of fungal diseases and food allergy;

• microscopy;

• identification of physiological parameters of the skin;

• spirometry;

• ultrasound skin diagnostics;

• plethysmography, etc.


Most popular therapies method are:

• laser treatment;

• photodynamic treatment and phototherapy;

• immune methods;

• multimodal methods;

• method of desensitization;

• surgical intervention, etc.


Medigerman can effectively assist you in choosing a doctor and a place of treatment in Germany taking into account the specifics of your problem and individual characteristics. You can be sure that the recommended dermatology or allergology center is your best option!



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