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Neurodermatitis and atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis and neurodermatitis often stem from allergic and immunological congenital causes. This means that any substance or allergen can turn into the trigger for the disease.


The questions is: how can you identify substances that cause atopic dermatitis or neurodermatitis, as well as how can you choose the best treatment? You can learn everything and more about these and any other questions from you medical provider Medigerman. We have exhaustive information about the disease itself and medical services that are available to treat it in Germany.


Prior to treatment, every patient should undergo several type of diagnostic procedures:

• blood tests that identify the causes of eosinophilia and allergic components: helminths, protozoa, antibodies to specific proteins;

• special skin prick tests for cases of atopic dermatitis or neurodermatitis; these are highly specific analyses that clarify whether or not the body is sensitive to a particular allergen;

• immunogram, flow cytometry – these techniques allow to identify the extent the immune system involvement and the need for its correction (defects of HLA, Th2, etc.).


Neurodermatitis treatment includes antihistamine, local, and hormonal components. No less important is strict adherence to the prescribed diet. The principal treatment innovation for neurodermatitis is the use of stem cells. It is this therapy that makes the disease retreat long time, or sometimes – forever.


In the treatment of atopic dermatitis German medicine is on the frontline. Therefore, to find oneself under the wing of German dermatologist, means to receive one of the most effective and safe therapies to date. After all, every skin doctor in Germany also has extensive knowledge in allergology and immunology helping his/her patients gain long-awaited recovery.


In some cases, atopic dermatitis and neurodermatitis cannot be cured completely. Such patients further receive highly effective drugs that maintain disease remission at a stable level for as long and possible.

Neurodermatitis should receive timely treatment. No matter where you are from, our company can meet all your needs and help you officially get:

• an appointment with the best physician ;

• invitation from the medical center, where you will undergo a therapy course;

• Schengen visa;

• temporary residence.


Furthermore, we strive to make health care affordable for all our customers both in terms of price (with Medigerman, treatment costs in Germany will not diverge greatly from your local national average), and organisation (paper preparation requires less time and effort with us).


Health with Medigerman means the guidance of experiences doctors and virtually no cause for concern. So let the recovery will be only one thought worthy of your attention!

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