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Erectile dysfunction

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction designates a condition when the volume, strength and directness of the penis is not sufficient for a sexual intercourse. This problem is relevant for all European countries. German doctors, knowing just how much importance this sphere of life bears for men, use the most advanced techniques to achieve positive results in most cases.


Erectile dysfunction: Causes and Treatment


The factors contributing to impotence include:

• physical impairment;

• poor nutrition;

• low testosterone levels;

• age-driven hormonal changes;

• thyroid dysfunction;

• damage to the pelvic nerves;

• disturbance of blood supply to the penis;

• psychological problems;

• side effects of certain drugs;

• smoking, excessive drinking, drug use, etc.


The first step in the impotence treatment primarily involves a careful diagnostic examination. It is usually comprised of various blood tests to screen hormone levels, ultrasound examination, computer-assisted angiography, etc. Treatment of this disease is directly linked to its causes, so the choice of an effective therapy plan is only possible after an accurate diagnosis has been established.




Patients’ reviews attest a careful and delicate approach of the German medical staff when dealing with this sensitive issue. The high professional level of the doctors and their extensive practical experience are the best guarantee of your recovery. Erectile dysfunction treatment normally includes the use of the following methods:

• pharmacological therapy;

• vacuum erection devices;

• direct injection of medications into the penis;

• penile implants.


The most common method of the impotence treatment is pharmacological. To stimulate blood flow to the penis, physicians would often prescribe medications that expand blood vessels and strengthen the vascular wall, antioxidants, and antiplatelet agents. Additionally, vitamin B and neostigmine is widespread as a means of treating impotence. The cases of endocrine system disorders would ensue the use of the hormone replacement therapy. Psychotherapy is also carefully and professionally carried out to assist the treatment.


In cases of severe forms of the disease surgical intervention is unavoidable. This includes vascular surgery to improve the blood supply to the penis, as well as the use of silicone implants.


With Medigerman, medical treatment in Germany will give you the best chances of full recovery! Besides, with our support you will not even see the difference in prices!

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