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Paediatric cardiology

Paediatric cardiology represents an actively developing area of European medicine. Practicing cardiologists most often come across acquired or congenital heart diseases, as well as cardiac complications of rheumatoid diseases. At paediatric hospitals cardiology still plays a crucial role because early detection and effective treatment of the mentioned pathologies is the key to restoring the child’s health and normal development, preventing complications in the future.


The treatment techniques used in Germany for the cardiovascular system disorders in children are constantly improving. There exists a systematic research on new classes of drugs and their application schemes. In addition, every paediatric medicine centre in Germany is striving to steadily enhance and develop its technical facilities and equipment.


These benefits are now available for our young patients from Moscow, Kiev and other CIS cities, who are willing to go to Germany for treatment. We will take care of all administrative issues: comfortable journey, visa application and handling, choice of a paediatric cardiology centre, and financial matters. In Germany, the best medical experts will be glad to consult you taking into account all the specifics of your individual situation.




Prior to the treatment itself, German doctors conduct thorough diagnostic tests to identify the features of the disease in a particular patient. These procedures include:

• computer-assisted high resolution electrical and phonocardiography;

• ultrasound examination of the heart in the three-dimensional projection;

• colour Doppler sonography;

• Holter monitoring, etc.


Due to integrated diagnostic schemes, the medical professionals treating your child will be capable to design the most effective and safe therapeutic regimen. This approach ensures short rehabilitation and full economic justification.




Paediatric cardiology put a special emphasis on sheltering their young patients from unnecessary risks. This rule is a guideline for all German doctors. Their deep knowledge, practical experience, professionalism and responsibility ensure that the drugs utilized during treatment will not damage the child’s body. Therefore, any medical centre in Germany will offer you only the safest and effective drugs and physiotherapy. Besides, if there is a need for a surgical intervention, preference will be given to endoscopic operations.


Paediatric cardiology in Germany gives your child the best chances for a speedy recovery from any heart disease!

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