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Do you frequently suffer from unstable bowel movements alternating diarrhoea and constipation, bloating, abdominal discomfort after eating, incomplete defecation or similar symptoms? Well, probably, the reason is disbacteriosis, whose symptoms and treatments require accurate diagnosis and professional medical expertise.


This disease can significantly impair the patient’s quality of life and instigate other complications, such as immune system disorders. German hospitals can boast profound knowledge and experience in the task of timely detection and comprehensive treatment of disbacteriosis. Therefore our compatriots can fully trust the German medicine: it always puts first the health and interests of the patients.




Diagnostic services include:

• blood, urine and feces tests;

• X-ray or ultrasound of the abdomen area;

• irrigoradioscopy or colonoscopy with biopsy of the mucosal area;

• breathing urease test.


Comprehensive diagnostics of intestinal disbacteriosis allows for individual and effective treatment. All procedures are performed with the help of modern equipment and, if necessary, adequate anaesthesia.


Symptoms and treatment


Due to its integrated nature, intestinal disbacteriosis treatment in adults is a lasting process. However, if all the recommendations are observed correctly, the first signs of relief appear quickly. Gastroenterologist consultations include:

• recommendations for lifestyle changes (including increased physical activity );

• individual diet plan (drinking regime and split meals schemes);

• drug therapy ( lactobacilli and bifidumbacteria, enzymes , etc.);

• disbacteriosis relapse prevention.


If it is your child who needs treatment, Medigerman will also provide you full medical support, comfortable arrival and stay in the country within the required period of time.


Treatment of intestinal disbacteriosis in adults and children implies consultation and supervision of a professional gastroenterologist. We will help you choose the best specialist and medical institution. Besides the prices will also be a pleasant surprise, because, thanks to our direct cooperation with reputable health centers, Medigerman does not employ additional intermediaries.

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