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Visa matters

In times of the Soviet Union it was not an easy task to obtain a German visa. Fortunately, nowadays, in the aftermath of the unification of Germany and virtually all other European countries, the challenge is much simpler.


Nevertheless, in case of a medical visa, every minute might count. Naturally, in such a case one does not possess enough time to pay numerous visits to consulates and to prepare all necessary documents. This is exactly when our experts come to your help.


We will settle all the formalities that come with a visa:

• we will prepare the required papers;

• we can issue notarized German translations;

• we will provide you with a confirmation letter from a German hospital;

• we will take care of all the procedures at the German Embassy, etc.


Extending a medical visa in Germany is also part of our services. It might sometimes happen that a patient needs to stay longer in the country to receive additional treatment or for any other reasons. In this case, the company’s employees will provide you with full visa assistance in order to help extend your stay in Germany without extra stress.


By using our services for visa application you get over a number of bureaucratic hurdles. All the paperwork can be already done for you, and the only thing left is to concentrate your attention on is the upcoming treatment. Besides, the fee will be charged based on the prices matching the market tariff at the moment. As a result, you will be able to spend your time most effectively, without spending it on legal formalities, and to fully prepare yourself for the journey.


If you need to obtain a visa or extend your stay in Germany, cooperation with Medigerman is the best solution!

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