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High blood pressure

Prolonged increase in blood pressure is an extremely common condition. Therefore, it is constantly being scrutinized and researched in Germany, both by healthcare professionals and medical community as a whole. As a result new techniques, therapy methods, and most exquisite drugs are all becoming available for everyday medical practice.


Medigerman is your chance to receive effective treatment for high blood pressure in leading German clinics. We offer our services to the residents of Kiev, Moscow and other CIS cities providing opportunity for our compatriots to take full advantage of modern German medicine.


Diagnostics is crucial for the success of the high blood pressure treatment. Determining the developmental stage of the disease, its nature and type serves to design an individual medication scheme for the patient. In addition, effective diagnostics would necessarily imply a full examination of the targeted organs, meaning those affected most by the disease. They include the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, etc.


Treatment of the initial stages of high blood pressure requires weight loss, individual diet, physical therapy and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking or drinking.


More profound stages ensue pharmacological treatment. To reach the best result by devising individual medication schemes, German doctors take into account personal characteristics of their patients such as age, disease duration, presence of concomitant disorders, and the degree of the targeted organ damage.


The whole arsenal of treatment techniques for high blood pressure in German clinics can be divided into 5 classes:

• beta-blockers;

• diuretic agents;

• cellular calcium channel blockers;

• angiotensin sensor blockers ;

• synthesis stimulants for angiotensin.


Exact dosages and combinations are chosen strictly individually for each patient. Such an approach guarantees excellent results, as evidenced by numerous feedback from our previous patients.


Other high blood pressure treatment strategies include physiotherapy, therapeutic physical training, massage, swimming, breathing exercises, etc.


With us, medical treatment in Germany means leading practicing doctors, comfortable hospitals, reduced prices and excellent results.


Bring your blood pressure back to normal!


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