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Cardiac arrhythmia

In Germany arrhythmias (heart rate disorders) are the domain of highly specialized cardiologists-arrhythmologists. Medigerman cooperated with only high-level an expert that is why you will surely be treated by the most reputable doctors.


If irregular heart rate is now your problem, a timely appointment with a physician can significantly improve the prognosis for this disease. So where can you find such a specialist? Almost any cardiology centre in Germany offers a whole range of diagnostics and treatment for:

• ventricular and supraventricular tachycardias;

• bradycardia;

• ciliary arrhythmia;

• extrasystole;

• heart block, etc.




Arrhythmia symptoms are very diverse. This is due to the fact that the center of cardiac arrhythmia can be found both within the sinus node (sinus rhythm maintenance disorders) and outside of it.


The following symptoms may suggest cardiac rhythm irregularities:

• accelerated heartbeat;

• pain, feeling of tightness in the chest;

• dizziness, weakness;

• rapid breathing, shortness of breath;

• fainting, loss of consciousness, etc.




Development of an effective therapeutic program begins with diagnosis. Leading German clinics use both traditional and modern technology:

• electrocardiography;

• echocardiography;

• laboratory tests;

• MRI of the heart;

• virtual coronary angiography;

• Holter monitoring;

• X-ray examination;

• electrophysiological examination (intracardiac electrophotography, including stimulation of the departments of diastaltic system), etc.


After establishing the type of arrhythmia, the treatment process comes into play as a two-tier strategy. Such strategy is aimed at eliminating main pathology and administering anti-arrhythmic measures. For this goal both conservative (medication, physiotherapy), and surgical techniques can be put to action.


In many cases, abnormal heart rate requires the installation of a pacemaker or cardiofibrillator.


One of the most progressive techniques frequently used in the leading hospitals in Ukraine and Russia is radiofrequency ablation. This method eliminates any heart rate irregularity. It is achieved by means of direct exposure of the pathology-affected areas to laser rays, electrical current or cold.


German specialized clinics give their preference to ablation by electric impulses carried out under guidance of three-dimensional computer graphics. Catheter ablation is, likewise, relatively safe, does not require surgery on the chest and has the highest efficiency. Almost 90 % of patients can be completely cured using this method.


If you yourself or any of your family member have abnormal heart rhythm, you can entrust Medigerman with choosing the best clinic that perfectly matches your individual case. Medigerman – our patients trust us!

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