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Thyroid diseases

Thyroid diseases may be accompanied by a variety of symptoms and require individualized treatment:


• feeling of a lump in the throat, neck swelling;

• irritability or apathy ;

• emaciation, sweating, acute feeling of the heartbeat;

• irregular blinking, protruded eyeballs.


The process of thyroid treatment is multi-faceted: on the one hand, it naturally includes selecting the best clinics and expert endocrinologists, but on the other hand, equally important issues of paper preparation and residence should also be dealt with. Company Medigerman can help you solve all these problems on favorable terms, and you will not have to worry about anything, but your own recovery.


German medical centres are at your service for all necessary diagnostic and monitoring procedures as well as for clinical treatment courses and supervision of the thyroid gland condition. As a medical provider, Medigerman works only with reputable clinics and endocrinologists. This is how we see our goal in helping people in Kiev, Moscow and other CIS cities find a way to long-awaited recovery.


Thyroid treatment in Germany gives high chances of recovery or stable remission. In most cases, hormonal drugs are prescribed on the premise of individually-tailored dosage to guarantee response of the thyroid gland to the selected treatment scheme. To ensure the safety of the pharmacological approach, German doctors have access to the latest drugs of the national and European production. These drugs have already demonstrated high levels of safety and effectiveness. As a result, it is likely that under the strict professional supervision all the troubling symptoms will soon disappear, and the normal function of the gland will be preserved.


Both symptoms and treatment of thyroid diseases depend extensively on changes to the function of hormone production. This can only be established by biochemical blood tests and other advanced analyses.


Thyroid disorders may require surgical treatment. The removal of a tumor or part of the body is carried out with the maximum preservation of healthy tissues, minimal interference and cosmetic seams. Thanks to these techniques postsurgical scars will be almost invisible, and you will be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible. In the case of complete gland removal, hormone replacement therapy with T3 and T4 hormones is assigned in the strict accordance with the patient’s body receptive capacity.


The thyroid gland is closely associated with many body systems, so the disease itself may require parallel treatment of hypophysis and other endocrine glands. Diagnosis is established using highly sensitive MRI, PET, and other modern medical devices.


Even rare diseases of the thyroid gland can be accurately diagnosed and treated in

Germany. By contacting Medigerman you can receive professional treatment, perfect trip organisation – and all of it without paying an extra penny.



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