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Joint diseases are extremely common among the elderly. This problem is especially pronounced in European countries due to the fact that life expectancy is relatively high in this part of the world. Therefore, treatment of arthritis in Germany has become one of the most developed areas of medical science.


The research of pathological conditions of musculoskeletal apparatus occupies a leading position in German hospitals and specialized institutions. German government attributes special support and attention to scientific exploration in this field. In particular, it invests substantial financial resources into research grants that are aimed at helping develop a more effective and safe treatment for arthritis. These innovations are promptly implemented into medical practice, however, only after passing all the required tests. For instance, in order to reduce inflammation in joints, elaborate schemes of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used in accordance to individually tailored personal plans of glucocorticoids treatment. If, nonetheless, pharmacological therapy fails, arthroscopy will still bring the much –awaited relief to the patient. These microsurgical techniques involve administration of active substances directly into the joint capsule during an endoscopic surgery. Besides, the intervention in the patient’s body is so insignificant, and the efficiency of the method is so high that the patient feels relief almost immediately after leaving the operating room.


With Medigerman you will undoubtedly deal with only the best doctors and leading clinics that specialize in arthrology!

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