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Cystitis is an inflammatory process affecting mucous membrane of the bladder. Cystitis in women is extremely prevalent and, therefore, deserves additional attention. One in five women worldwide experiences “the charm” of cystitis. Through collaboration with the leading medical institutions in Germany, Medigermn can select the best experts and facilities to solve your problem. All German hospital and specialized clinics are equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic apparatus. Reviews on the work of German doctors leave no doubt as to the correctness of the choice to receive treatment in this country.


Acute cystitis, if left untreated, can lead to:

• the development of kidneys inflammation;

• bleeding;

• complete destruction of the bladder wall (interstitial cystitis).


Preliminary diagnostics permits to determine the shape and extent of the disease. Treatment for cystitis is manifold, and includes:

• herbal teas;

• antibiotic therapy;

• surgery.


Particular emphasis in German medical practice is laid on the individual approach in treatment and the development of unique therapy plans. Thus, chronic cystitis requires prior identification of the disease causes, whereas, subsequent treatment takes into account the patient’s sensitivity to the selected drug.


In Germany, interstitial cystitis is, fortunately, one of the conditions with the high rate of treatment effectiveness. In case of women, the medical strategy for cystitis combines physiotherapy with a special diet. Drug therapy is also gradually expanding. It involves the use of antidepressants, antihistamines, and anticonvulsants.


Alternative medicine and innovative technologies form part of the German medical landscape on par with traditional therapeutic methods. As a result, an often exhausting and time consuming cystitis treatment can be effectively cut short by the use of:


• laser therapy;

• acupressure;

• moxibustion, etc.
Medigerman provides its customers with a unique opportunity to undergo treatment and rehabilitation in one of the best urological clinics in Germany. Patients suffering from acute cystitis can choose between a hospital stay and outpatient treatment.


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