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Psoriasis is able to not only worsen your life, it does not let you fully enjoy it! Not everyone knows that this disease is noncontagious. In addition, aesthetic defects may sometimes cause quite palpable life difficulties, such as job offer rejection or communication failure. Despite all this, Medigerman knows how to help you: psoriasis treatment in Germany will give you a chance to achieve stable improvement.


It’s not easy to admit that local healthcare in Kiev, Moscow and other CIS cities is not capable of curing psoriasis. On balance, dermatology centers in Germany over and over prove that healthy skin and high self-esteem for patients with psoriasis are absolutely real.


German experts know how to cure psoriasis. Likewise, our medical provider knows how to help you reach these professionals. Medigerman only cooperates with the most advanced German clinics, thus offering you only the best options. Of course, treatment abroad is troublesome. But we strive to facilitate your trip and arrange the appointment as soon as possible.


Psoriasis cannot be solely viewed as a skin disease: compromised immune system, infection, heredity – all contribute to its emergence and development. Due to its complex nature, psoriasis treatment can succeed exclusively as a result of accurate diagnosis. It is the famed German thoroughness that makes it possible to find the perfect connection between the cause of the disease and its cure.


Psoriasis treatment in Germany not only heals the skin but it also detoxicates the entire body. This process is comprised of:

• local therapy, or PUVA, which will be designed strictly in accordance with your type of psoriasis;

• salt body wrapping and UV baths in subnormal doses;

• cryotherapy – freezing of the problem areas;

• integrated methods, such as plasmapheresis, oxygen therapy.


How can you treat psoriasis if all options are already history?


Take a risk and embark on a course of treatment in the dermatology clinic with the most modern facilities and impressive results. Thousands of patients get rid of psoriasis in Germany, and just as many achieve stable remission.


Medigerman: with us your health is in good hands!


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