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Fungus diseases

Skin and nails mycosis, aka dermatomycosis, is a fairly common disease. Despite a popular belief, both practicing dermatologists and their patients contend that this condition is not necessarily a consequence of insufficient hygiene. Certainly, bodily hygiene reduces the risk of mycosis, but one can catch a parasitic fungus in many everyday situations. However, when it comes to treatment, it is where a problem arises, because many types of these parasites are resistant to conventional therapy and are prone to re-emergence.


Treatment of fungus diseases in Germany


German medicine has adopted an individual approach to the treatment of mycoses. First, careful diagnostics is called to determine the fungus type. Second, subsequent lab analyses are made to check its resistance to certain antifungal drugs, which guarantees a prescription of exactly the pharmacological agent that will most effectively destroy this fungus.


Fungus medications are constantly being improved and updated in both hospitals and research institutions in Germany. An important aspect of such research is that all innovations are consequently swiftly introduced into practice, however, only after passing extensive testing and medical trials. Thus, it is mostly pharmacological treatment that takes only a few drug plans to overcome fungus.


Medical provider Medigerman is an opportunity for all CIS nationals to undergo a treatment of fungus diseases in leading German hospitals. We will advise you the best dermatologists and the most advanced treatment schemes, which will guarantee you a fast relief from mycosis.


What exactly does this type of therapy include?


Depending on the type of incitant, a whole variety of antifungal drugs might appear on the prescription list. These include dermatic medicine, such as ointments, creams or gels, as well as drugs for oral administration. The therapy continues even after all clinical manifestations of the disease disappear. This ensures that the treatment effect will be profound and long-lasting. Additionally, anti-inflammatory drugs might come to aid. In the case of the secondary bacterial infection, administration of antibiotics is also quite common.



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