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Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a chronic inflammation of the large intestine lining with the appearance of ulcers on its walls. Technically, the development of ulcerative colitis causes the body to produce antibodies to its own cells. UC demonstrates a distinctive seasonal pattern with the peak of the acute episodes occurring in spring and autumn. Therefore, appropriate treatment should primarily address the “aggression” of the immunity system to its own body cells and improve the quality of life for each patients.


Diagnosis of ulcerative colitis includes:


• colonoscopy with focused biopsy for cases of suspected ulcerative colitis. The probability of the colitis to degenerate into malignancy is extremely high, therefore, mucous membrane samples are necessarily sent for histological and cytological analysis;

• X-ray of the intestine (irrigoscopy);

• blood and biochemical tests;

• immunogram.


Immunology research of the intestine is much better developed in Germany than in other countries. Here, immunologists often cooperate with gastroenterologists, thus, helping their patients overcome almost any stage of the disease.


How can conservative therapy help cure ulcerative colitis?


Today there exists no panacea to cure ulcerative colitis once and for all. However, German gastroenterologists offer highly efficient therapy that lets their patients live without seasonal relapses. This therapy combine specially selected drugs whose task is to not only remove the symptoms of the disease, but also to preserve the protective function of the immune system. Clinical experience and patient reviews show that gastroenterology centers in Germany cope perfectly well with the task. Besides, other components of the drug therapy involve the use of agents that improve digestion, colonize the intestines with useful microflora and help ulcers heal quicker.


Ulcerative colitis treatment can be carried out without surgical interventions. Even if you live in Kiev or Moscow, you can still have your case of ulcerative colitis treated by all the canons of German medicine, easily meeting European golden standard. Our provider can significantly simplify the whole undertaking. Medigerman organizes treatment in its totality: starting from negotiations with the “boss” and ending with finding a translator.


Give us all your worries and preoccupation, and, please, focus only on your recovery!

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