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Gynaecological Exam

Medigerman offer its services in arranging and guiding you through a gynaecological examination in Germany.

Timely diagnosis and effective treatment of gynaecological diseases are essential for female health. This is the reason why modern gynaecology invests so much attention into diagnostics, especially among young girls and postmenopausal women. A typical check-up includes:
• professional check-up and consultation;
• colposcopy and mammography;
• ultrasound;
• laboratory tests.

Upon completion of the medical exam, final consultation is provided for an expert gynaecologist, who prescribes treatment and gives advice on the prevention of the disease identified during the check-up.
German gynaecologists are exceptionally qualified for treating:

• benign and malignant tumours;
• inflammatory and infectious diseases;
• hormonal abnormalities;
• infertility, etc.

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