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Standard Ophthalmic Exam

Standard Ophthalmic Exam is a comprehensive survey to identify eye diseases.


What should you pay attention to?


German hospitals are fully equipped to perform high accuracy procedures:

• examination of the fundus, cornea, and the angle of the anterior eye chamber;

• retinal and optical coherence tomography;

• orbitotomy and ultrasonic corneal pachymetry;

• strabismus tests;

• angiography, etc.


As accuracy is the highest priority in ophthalmic diagnostics, German doctors make use of both modern and classical techniques. It results into the appointment of the most effective therapy.


Germany ophthalmologists have extensive experience in the treatment of:

• inflammatory eye diseases;

• hyperopia and myopia;

• retinopathy and astigmatism;

• strabismus and cataracts;

• glaucoma, etc.

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