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Treatment cost

How much does a medical treatment course cost in Germany? This is perhaps one of the first questions people ask when planning to visit a German hospital. After all, despite all the advantages of European medicine, many fear that their financial capacity will not be enough to pay the cheque.


Naturally, in German clinics treatment prices are higher than the cost of procedures in local hospitals. It is in part due to the fact the standard of living in Europe is much higher and, therefore, treatment prices would also increase. However, if you apply for a treatment using our services of a medical provider you can significantly cut the costs.


So, why is there a reduction?


1) We know how to avoid all unnecessary expenses. So, with us you will save on everything, except the treatment itself. We take extra care to meet all requirements that German clinics put forward for organisations applying for significant (25%) discounts. This means that you can deduct several hundreds or even thousands of euros from your pay cheque. Likewise, Medigerman maintains strong partnerships with the best specialized clinics in Germany. Therefore, with us, you can always be sure to pay no extra fees.


2) We will tell also advise you on the lowest prices for medical consultation and on where you can get them for your best advantage. In addition, we closely cooperate with almost all the leading German experts in all medical fields. For our patients this means not only price discounts, but also no waiting lists.


3) If you are too low on your budget to cover the costs of a hospital stay, we will help you arrange an outpatient treatment. We will also assist you in finding an apartment in close proximity to the medical establishment and bargaining the most favorable renting terms.


4) Medigerman also takes all the responsibility for translation and personal supervision during your stay in Germany. It costs only a little extra, but you can be sure that in any urgent circumstances or in case of any other difficulty, your supervisor will be at a phone reach be it day or night. A translator will accompany you everywhere necessary, which completely eliminates the problem of a language barrier.



Medical treatment in Europe will give you the best chance for recovery, and for that you need to pay nothing extra!


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