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Cardiovascular disorders in children

Cardiovascular disorders in children do not necessarily imply a chronic condition. After all, medical centers in Germany have not only the best equipment, but also the most refined skills in the treatment of these diseases. Medigerman, therefore, brings the most qualified specialists and medical facilities to your aid.


Medigerman works for your children’s health.


We are available in all CIS countries: Kiev or Moscow, Samara or Rivno – you can contact us anywhere. Medigerman will take care that both you and your child feel comfortable and confident throughout your stay in Germany, and none of the unforeseen circumstances could disturb you peace.


Many children simply do not have time to wait for an appointment. Therefore our medical provider works closely with a network of clinics that have achieved great success in pediatric cardiac surgery and non-surgical treatment of heart disease. It will allow you embark on your journey as soon as possible, and be sure that everything will be ready when you arrive at the destination.


All German medical centers have enough capacity for a thorough examination and treatment of:


• congenital and acquired heart disease;

• impaired cardiac function;

• heart membranes damage (endo – , myo – , pericarditis );

• tumors.


Sometimes treatment must be carried out immediately. Therefore German clinics can offer you:

• surgical correction of the heart and blood vessels insufficiency;
• micro-invasive (balloon) treatment;

• heart-lung complex or heart transplantation.



The utmost concern of all German doctors is to bring back health to a child. Moreover, in case of children only those techniques that are least stressful and painful can be used for treatment.


Cardiovascular system requires the gentlest approach to treatment. Therefore, a German clinic could become a “lucky ticket” for your child, and Medigerman can give it to you.

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