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Vision is one of the most important sensory channels in our body. Therefore, the treatment of ophthalmic diseases in Germany is characterized by an exceptionally high professional level and ensures a significant percentage of recovery. One of the main causes of visual impairment is lenticular opacity or cataract. It gradually develops with age, resulting from eye injuries and irradiation, and may eventually lead to total blindness.


Cataract surgery demands the use of the latest technology. For the patient it means a record short aftercare period – he/she may leave the hospital right after the intervention! The surgery consists of two stages: the first one includes the extraction (removal) of the natural lens; the second – the implantation of the artificial one. The whole procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and takes less than 40 minutes. Lens implantation in Germany implies the use of biologically neutral lenses, extensive experience and high professionalism of the staff.


Wave therapy is another popular method to treat cornea, retina and other pathologies of the eye microstructure. Laser eye surgery entails the minimum amount of surgical intervention and bears zero trauma risks allowing vision restoration, regardless of the disease severity.


German clinics strive to create comfortable conditions so that their patients can feel more at home. Without doubt, this comfort, in turn, positively affects the duration of recovery. Consequently, post-surgical complications are minimal with this way of treatment and aftercare.


In cooperation with Medigerman you will hardly notice the difference in the price levels between your home country and Germany. The cost of the hospital stay and treatment will be only slightly different from the one in your country. Moreover, no matter where you live, Medigerman will completely free you from all the paperwork associated with the visa and treatment arrangements.


Contact us now and you will soon forget about your poor eyesight!

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