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According to WHO the incidence of malignant tumors has been gradually increasing worldwide in the recent years. That is why European medicine pays special attention to this problem. Government financial support, research grants, special programs of the European Union – they are aimed at the development of new methods to combat malignancies.




Diagnostics is the most important stage of the entire treatment process. The exact localization of the tumor, its size and nature, the presence of metastases into lymph nodes, surrounding organs and tissues are all the basis for choosing the most appropriate treatment strategy.


The most effective means of malignant tumor diagnosis is MRI and PET CT scanning. These technologies give the maximum information and are accurate in determining the location of the tumor and its size. In order to clarify the diagnosis biopsy followed by a lab study is also included.




Tumor treatment in Germany involves the use of the most modern technology and therapy methods. For example, only the most refined medications can be utilized for chemotherapy, so that the side effects can be reduced. Irradiation of the tumor is always extremely focused to reduce its damage to the adjacent organs.


Endoscopic surgery is preferred in cases of unavoidable bodily intervention. Application of this technique reduces the surgical complications and post-surgical rehabilitation period. In addition, “gamma knife” is also available for malignant tumors removal. It is a highly advanced technology for non- impact destruction of the tumor without damaging surrounding tissues.




Prevention significantly reduces the risk of tumor development. It includes full abstinence from alcohol consumption and smoking, diet modification, weight loss, and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.


Our ex-patients confirm the effectiveness of German medicine in the field of tumor treatment even in cases of massive tumor growth. Medical professional staff and technical infrastructure are a guarantee of your most comfortable treatment and speedy recovery.

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