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Asthma is a serious respiratory disorder, which has a chronic nature and is able to cause such dangerous complications as an asthmatic status. Nowadays, this disease has been becoming more and more common, therefore relevant research of innovative asthma treatments attracts maximum attention from the European medical community.


Germany is famous for its successful medical programs aimed at research and therapeutic treatment of asthma. Medigerman gives a great opportunity for the residents of Moscow, Kiev and other CIS cities to obtain a cutting-edge asthma treatment Germany. With our help you get access to the latest technologies and medications, as well as to the expertise of the leading professionals in the field.


How is asthma diagnosed?


Normally, a characteristic clinical picture of the disease, manifesting itself in paroxysmal breathing arrests, suffices to establish the diagnosis. Additionally, functional and pharmacological respiratory sampling, bronchial reactivity tests, spirometry, spirography, pulmonography and laboratory examination of sputum might join the list to determine the gravity of the condition. Furthermore, specific allergy tests are often included, because asthma is often rooted in immune functionality distortions.


What is therapy all about?


Asthma treatment is always multifaceted. German doctors design medication plans and treatment regimens for each patient individually. This approach ensures high efficiency of the therapy.


For example, inhaled corticosteroids injected through nebulizers are widely used for asthma treatment. Furthermore, German medical practitioners commonly utilize flexible drug dosages, which significantly reduces the eventual cost. Also such remedies as anti-leukotrienes and monoclonal antibodies enjoy widespread acceptance.


What about asthma prevention?


In Germany this disease is generally seen as a consequence of adverse environmental influence. Therefore, if one can quit smoking and inhaling polluted air, if all catarrhal infections are cured and if certain classes of drugs are taken off the table, then the frequency of relapses will go down. In line with this strategy certain allergy agents are also excluded or totally removed, for they may very well cause the condition in the first place.


So, without paying an extra penny you can get rid of asthma forever. Medigerman gives you an opportunity to breathe easy again.

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