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Paediatric Health Checkup

Medigerman offers a comprehensive paediatric health checkup in German hospitals. Especially in the case of paediatrics, timely diagnosis and a strictly supervised therapy guarantee proper development of the child, as well as early detection of any abnormalities and disorders. As a result of this examination, the parents will additionally obtain complete understanding of the child’s health state and of his/her special needs.


Paediatric checkup procedures vary from child to child and depend on the age, parents’ wishes and individual characteristics of the patient. However, most examinations would normally include:

• professional consultation and checkup, whereby the list of physicians would usually include a pediatrician, ophthalmologist, and an orthopedic surgeon;

• kidneys, bladder, abdominal, and pelvic ultrasound, neurosonography, radiography;

• ECG and EEG;

• standard blood, feces and urine tests, as well as specific tests to detect infections, parasites, and allergens.


Advantages of a medical checkup in Germany are the following:

• it is safe for children;

• its results are highly accurate;

• it uses advanced medical equipment.


Ultrasound diagnostics in paediatrics provides a safe and painless evaluation of the patient’s internal organs, heart and brain. Moreover, German hospitals employ experienced and highly competent experts in functional diagnostics, who can find an individual approach to each and every patient, without missing any deviation.

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