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Prevention of strokes and heart attacks

Heart attack and stroke prevention is a priority area for European medicine. This is mostly driven by the extraordinarily high levels of mortality caused by these pathologies.


Medigerman offers its customers a unique opportunity to organize prevention and rehabilitation (heart attack aftercare) in the leading German clinics. Innovative prevention methods are now available to everyone without paying an extra penny, for the treatment prices in Germany are fully comparable to the ones in the major CIS cities, such as Kiev or Moscow.


Prevention encompasses the following measures:

• heart attack and stroke general prophylaxis;

• primary (before the emergence of the disease) and secondary stroke prevention;

• primary and secondary heart attack prevention.


Such measures are specially justified for high-risk population groups. Risk factors in this context cover a number of categories: heredity, male sex, age, smoking, diet violations, inadequate physical activity, obesity, etc. The menace of heart attack and stroke is exceptionally dangerous for the patients, who:

• had an episode of transient ischemic attack;

• suffer from atrial fibrillation (shimmer) or heart rate disorders;

• have high blood pressure;

• suffer from diabetes complicated by inadequate treatment, etc.


Factors increasing the probability of a heart attack include coronary artery disease and myocardial lesions, nonatherosclerotic damage, left ventricular hypertrophy, etc. Stroke risk factors are atherosclerotic carotid stenosis, aneurysms, brain injury, etc.


Primary prevention of heart attack and stroke implies maintaining a healthy lifestyle and medical monitoring. Rehabilitation measures allow to minimize the effects of cerebral blood circulation distortions using both medication and physiotherapy.


Secondary prevention for the myocardial type of a heart attack is obligatory after resuscitation and in the aftermath of the acute stage of the disease. It starts in hospital right after the crisis, during aftercare treatment. In Germany, post-myocardial prevention implies an integrated approach, taking into account the specifics of the individual condition. Recovery therapy includes measures of medical, psychological, social and labour rehabilitation undertaken under scrupulous medical supervision.


By providing close cooperation of the patient, physician and a healthcare provider, Medigerman guarantees success of your preventive treatment!


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