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Strabismus applies to any permanent distortion in parallelism of the eyes’ visual axes. This disease can be either congenital or acquired. It occurs due to an imbalance of muscles responsible for eye movements. Strabismus correction starts in childhood, as the earlier treatment, the better the results are.


What are the correction techniques?


Treatment of this disease in German hospitals necessarily implies an individual approach. The first step is therapy. It includes:


• Pleoptic techniques, which mean an increase in the visual load on the squinting eye. With the use of medical computer systems, they stimulate the lobes of the brain perceiving the image of this eye.

• Orthoptic techniques use synoptic instruments and computer software restoring binocular vision in both eyes.

• Exercises on convergence trainer that improve the function of the affected eye muscles.




Eye surgery for strabismus is usually recommended only if the therapy has not been effective for 1.5-2 years. In Germany microsurgical interventions are commonly practiced to restore the affected eye muscles. Surgery to correct strabismus may encompass tenomyoplasty, myotomy or oculomotor muscles transplantation. The intervention requires the use of a set of special exercises to improve and maintain the results.


Laser correction of strabismus


In Kiev, Moscow and other CIS cities one can easily find offers of laser treatment in cases of strabismus. However, it is irresponsible advertising. Today operational laser correction of strabismus is impossible. In Germany laser is only used for therapy.


With Medigerman you can be treated by the leading ophthalmologists in the best specialized German clinics, this way getting rid of strabismus forever!


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