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Pediatric rheumatology

Pediatric rheumatology is an essential field of medical research and practice engaged in the detection, prevention and treatment of system disorders in adolescents and children. Rheumatic diseases basically appear as lesions (local or systemic) of the connective tissue in the human body.


Pediatric rheumatology in Germany boasts reputable specialized clinics, which employ the most qualified German and European experts. Medigerman can quickly and effectively provide its clients with the selection of the best treatment options in Germany keeping in mind the client’s medical specificities.


Diagnostic programs in pediatric rheumatology cover a wide range of services including cross-examinations by the physicians from related medical profiles. Additionally, clinical data analysis, high-precision laboratory and instrumental methods – all provide the fastest possible diagnosis. Timely treatment and the use of the latest therapeutic techniques will, therefore, improve the disease prognosis and reduce the risk of disability.


With us, the treatment is available for the following disorders associated with pediatric rheumatology:

• rheumatoid arthritis;

• dermatomyositis;

• systemic scleroderma, etc.


Contact us now and guarantee your child the best medical service in Germany!

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