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Coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is a pathology of blood vessels supplying oxygen to the heart muscle. This disease is very common and its complications are a major cause of mortality in Europe. Therefore, new treatment methods, diagnostic techniques and more effective drugs are all the main preoccupation for German cardiologists.


Medical provider Medigerman is a great opportunity for our countrymen to experience German medicine. We cooperate with a number of leading German cardiology clinics and the best practicing experts in this field. In turn, for our patients, it means the professional handling of their situation, comfort and excellent outcomes. At the same time the treatment price in Germany will be no different from the amount of analogous expenses in CIS countries.




Before assigning you a therapy course, German doctors will conduct a full examination of your cardiovascular system. Coronary heart disease can be cured only if all the features of the disease, its forms and stages are all carefully identified. Apart from high resolution ECG, other diagnostic procedures include computer tomoangiography of coronary arteries, inesophageal electrocardiography, Holter monitoring, etc.


Treatment of the chronic ischemic heart disease demands the use of a system approach. German medicine employ all the various methods to handle it. They range from specifically designed diet regimens, to individually tailored medication plans and surgical interventions. In the latter case would normally involve such modern operating techniques as endovascular coronary angioplasty, balloon dilatation, angiographic vascular stenting and coronary artery bypass grafting.


It is, however, most important to remember that chronic ischemic heart disease is treatable, and German cardiologists know how to handle it! Medigerman will provide you with all the necessary aid to help you arrive in Germany and find the best medical services. Likewise, modern hospital equipment and high level of expertise of German medical practitioners will guarantee your recovery!

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