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The term urolithiasis describes the process of stones formation in the urinary tract. This disease is fairly common affecting up to 15 % of the population of our planet. In Europe Germany holds the leading position among the countries that pay their most attention to the urology development. Therefore, if you are diagnosed with urolithiasis, you can be sure to get the highest quality treatment in German hospitals. Their professional fame is further sustained through the constant research, most modern techniques and innovative medical practices.


CIS residents can now enjoy all achievements of German urology with the assistance of Medigerman. We provide mediating services, representing the interests of our clients during their stay in a foreign medical facility.


Symptoms and treatment


Urolithiasis is usually asymptomatic before the onset of complications. The most frequent complications include renal colic, as well as acute and chronic pyelonephritis. The main reasons for the urinary stones formation are metabolic disorders, unhealthy diet and water imbalance.


Urolithiasis treatment is directly determined by the size of the stones. Their location and chemical composition is also important, as well as individual body characteristics.




Thorough diagnostics is crucial in order to accurately determine the size and location of stones in the urinary system, as well as to create an optimal urolithiasis treatment strategy. Therefore, it involves only highly informative and minimally invasive modern techniques.


In German clinics, urolithiasis is diagnosed using the most modern equipment and such advanced techniques as:

• excretory and retrograde urography;

• computer-assisted tomography ;

• MRI;

• X-ray examination.


Highly professional diagnostics of urolithiasis and the use of modern therapy allow German doctors cure their patients with almost a 100 % guarantee. Moreover, in cases of early detection of the disease surgery can be avoided.




In Germany urolithiasis is generally treated less invasively in comparison with leading medical institutions in Moscow, Kiev and other major CIS cities. For instance, German doctors have very successfully tested the shock wave method (lithotripsy) which pulverizes the stones and lets them naturally find their way out of the body.


Urolithiasis is especially dangerous as it requires mandatory treatment, because the stones can grow and increase in numbers, thus, impeding urine outflow, damaging the ureters and causing infections. Medigerman cooperates with the best clinics in Germany, and it will gladly organize you the best treatment and other healthcare services.

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